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Maintenance Instructions of Mirror Stainless Steel Sculpture
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Many people think that stainless steel sculptures never rust. In fact, stainless steel is just good in corrosion resistance, which is caused by the passive film on the surface. Based on different conditions of use, stainless steel suffers different degrees of oxidation. Eventually, stainless steel would oxidize. Therefore, it is imperative to conduct proper maintenance for them.
1. Regular cleaning. 
Regular cleaning of mirror stainless steel sculptures, and daily inspections are conducted to see if there are any stains. When cleaning, firstly, apply it to the sculpture surface with neutral detergent, and then wipe the surface with a lint-free towel. For larger stains, spray with a manual spray gun, then wipe it off with a soft tissue. Movements should be gentle.
2. Wax protection. 
After cleaning the mirror stainless steel sculpture, apply a thin layer of microcrystalline wax (colorless wax), which is basically once a year.
3. Heavy dirt cleaning. 
Firstly, blow it with a hot air blower, then clean it with a lint-free towel, and finally finish with soft tissue.
4. Scratch repair. 
It can be polished and repaired as long as it is not very serious. In addition, in normal life, we should avoid scratching the sculpture.
5. Daily protection. 
It is relatively easy to leave perspiration and scratches on mirror stainless steel sculpture. Reminders should be set observably around. If contact and unintentionally stained with acid and alkali chemical liquids, timely cleaning and drying, to keep the surface of stainless steel sculpture clean.

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