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How to Clean and Maintain Stainless Steel Sculptures
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Stainless steel sculptures are frequently used as garden, square and indoor decorations. The mellow surface is compatible with any other statues. It is timeless and elegant, and like fine silver, its beautiful finish becomes lovelier with use and age. However, stainless steel is not perfect, for it is plagued by corrosive items like acid rain. How to maintain stainless steel sculptures so that they can keep polished and elegant permanently? Here are some useful tips.

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1. Routine care
If you want to keep the stainless steel sculptures shiny and beautiful, it is recommended to clean them properly and regularly. It doesn't mean that you have to do it every day, but you are supposed to clean them as soon as they are dirty, so that you can keep them attractive. The maintenance is very simple and will not cost much of your time. Caring stainless steel sculptures doesn't need any harsh chemicals to keep it shiny. In fact, this kind of abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals can damage the surface of stainless steel sculptures, so you'd better use a soft cloth in reverse. If you would like to remove stubborn grime, such as oil and grease, use warm water with little liquid dish soap, and leave it on the stainless steel sculptures few minutes, and then rinse with clean water and wipe them with a soft dry cloth.   

2. Keep away from chlorides and other strong chemical
Nowadays, chlorides can be seen here and there, which can be aggressive to stainless steel sculptures. Luckily, chlorides are very water-soluble, thus, thorough rinsing of the stainless steel sculptures to remove the chloride residue and a weekly scouring is how to keep them looking shiny and bright.
Besides, avoid exposing stainless steel sculptures to other strong chemical, such as oven cleaners, paint removers, ect. In case contact occurs flush the surface with water as soon as possible. And don't use drain cleaning products which contain sulfuric or hydrochloric acid. 

3. Avoid scratches
Stainless steel sculptures are easy to scratch like other metallic surfaces. Any scratch on the stainless steel sculptures will blend into the overall finish of them, so never scratch the stainless steel sculptures.

4. Rub the sculptures in the right direction
Do scour the stainless steel sculptures at least once a week, making sure to rub the stainless steel sculptures in the direction of the satin finish lines. In this way, it may prevent from ruin the "mirror".

5. Don't let the sundries remain on the surface
Outdoor stainless steel sculptures are easy to be litter. However, don't allow beverage, food, metal canned products, or any other sundries remain on the surface for long time. These materials will result in permanent staining of the stainless steel sculptures. Therefore, when you notice the sundries on the sculptures, take away them as soon as possible.

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