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Stainless steel sculpture function
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1. leisure and entertainment functions
With the development of society, the types of sculpture are separated from the pattern of political function and closely linked with people's lives. At present, in some urban pedestrian streets, there will be several figurative figures in the street, no longer standing high in the middle of the road or street park, no longer pasted "no touch" words. They have our familiar clothes and dresses, the same head as us, and some people familiar with them, so that these works of art really come into our lives, feel the pleasure of art in life, increase the interaction between citizens and the environment, enhance the taste of urban culture.

2. cultural transmission function
In the city, can give people an intuitive feeling of architecture and sculpture, and sculpture compared with architecture, more humane care, it is with temperature and emotion, can be touched. Sculpture construction implies the context of a city. Through sculpture, people can see the character and temperament of a city. Successful sculptures not only beautify the city, but also highlight the culture and character of the city.

3. spiritual symbolic function
Sculpture is independent of the world due to its strong visual effects, deep feelings and immortal artistic vitality. City sculpture is a form of expression of sculpture art, but also a kind of public space plastic arts, in addition to the sculptor's personal skills, but also need to be combined with the city's public culture. Excellent urban sculpture works, can be a representative of the whole city's cultural landscape and the spirit of the city's material carrier, a good urban sculpture, not only itself is an admirable work of art, but also reflects the city's historical features and regional culture, arousing the local psychological resonance.

4. area recognition function
The characteristics of a city have an important concept of public identification. It is not only the embodiment of the characteristics of the city, but also an important symbol of city cognition. It can reflect the culture, history and spirit of a city. The image of the city is presented in the form of sculpture, becoming one of the most representative figures of the city.

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